Routine cleanings form the cornerstone of good dental health. As a leading dental care provider in Greenwich Village, NY, Dr. Brisman provides comprehensive routine cleaning services to help patients maintain healthy teeth and gums.



by David L. Brisman, DMD

What is involved in a routine dental cleaning?

The primary aims of a routine cleaning are to remove plaque and tartar to keep gums and teeth healthy, and to evaluate your overall dental health and look for signs of disease. Plaque and tartar cause tooth decay, and routine cleanings help prevent bacterial buildup so you can avoid tooth decay and gum disease. In some cases, fluoride treatments or dental sealants may be applied for continued protection. Most routine cleanings take about a half hour to 45 minutes to perform. Once the cleaning is complete, Dr. Brisman and the hygienist can provide you with tips on how to care for your teeth based on the information they uncover during the cleaning and exam.

How often do I need to have my teeth cleaned?

A routine dental cleaning should be a part of every regular office visit. The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist for regular preventive care every six months. In addition to being an important part of preventing tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss, routine cleanings can promote better general health by preventing bacterial buildup that may contribute to other illnesses and diseases.

What if a cleaning reveals I have early signs of gum disease?

If Dr. Brisman determines you have gum disease, he may recommend additional deep cleaning to remove bacteria and tartar beneath the gum line. Root planing and scaling are techniques to help remove deep pockets of bacteria and administer antibiotics as needed to eliminate pathogens lodged in difficult-to-reach areas. Deep cleaning is essential in reversing gum disease and preventing eventual tooth loss.

Are dental x-rays dangerous?

Dr. Brisman uses x-ray technology with very low levels of radiation to minimize exposure while still getting the images he needs to make accurate diagnoses and care recommendations.

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