Dentures don't have to be uncomfortable! Dr. Brisman is skilled in helping his Greenwich Village, NY, patients get the custom dentures they need for a personalized fit and "natural" feel without sore spots or slippage.



by David L. Brisman, DMD

How long will it be before my dentures feel “normal”?

That depends on whether you have a partial denture or full dentures. Most people with full dentures take a couple of weeks to feel 'normal,” while people with partials adjust more quickly – usually within a week or less. To help speed along your adjustment, wear your dentures as often as you can after receiving them to help your mouth, tongue and gums adjust to their feel and pressure.

How should I care for my dentures?

Dr. Brisman will review the proper care routine for your dentures, but in general, dentures need to be brushed just like your regular teeth, and they can also be soaked in a special cleaning solution to kill bacteria. You'll also need to gently brush your gums and look for sore spots that could indicate your dentures need to be adjusted.

If I have full dentures, does that mean I can stop seeing the dentist?

No, even if you have all your teeth extracted, you'll still need to see the dentist regularly to have your gums and other tissues of your mouth examined for signs of oral cancer, infection, sore spots and other issues that could affect not only your oral health, but your general health as well. Plus, seeing the dentist regularly will ensure your dentures fit properly even as your mouth changes shape over time.

What if I have trouble speaking after I get my dentures?

The best way to conquer speech-related issues is to read aloud while wearing your dentures. It may sound odd, but the more you get used to the way your dentures feel while you speak, the faster you'll become used to having them in your mouth while you're talking.

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