Root Canals

Dr. Brisman is top care provider in Greenwich Village, New York, using the most effective, safest root canal techniques to get rid of damaged and decayed tooth pulp so patients can experience optimal dental health.


Root Canals

by David L. Brisman, DMD

What are root canals?

Root canals are dental procedures that remove the central portion of a tooth, or pulp, when it becomes damaged beyond repair, usually by decay, trauma or multiple fillings. After the pulp is removed and the area is cleaned of debris, a synthetic material is used to fill the space, and typically a crown is placed on top to help provide additional stability and conceal discoloration that can occur. Whenever possible, root canals are preferred over extractions in order to save the natural tooth and preserve the normal bite pattern.

What symptoms indicate I might need a root canal?

Most teeth requiring root canals have significant decay or even infection. The most common symptoms include pain, especially when chewing or placing pressure on the tooth or gum, and sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

How is a root canal performed?

A root canal is performed in much the same way as any other cavity removal except the procedure extends into the lower root potion of the tooth. After the area has been numbed, Dr. Brisman will use special instruments designed for root canals to carefully remove the damaged pulp material, then fill the space with medication to speed healing and prevent infection, followed by filling material. If a crown is also being used, an impression will be made of the tooth so a crown can be custom made to fit the space. The crown will be put in place during a second visit. In the interim, a temporary crown may be put in place to protect the tooth and hide any possible discoloration.

Aren't root canals painful?

Today's modern techniques and pain medications have eliminated much of the discomfort associated with root canals, so you can get the treatment you need with minimal – or even no - discomfort

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